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    We are utility billing experts

    For over 20 years OPUS21 has been perfecting how we approach utility billing and business management.

    When you choose to outsource your utility billing to OPUS21 you gain not only our technology, but our experience and proven processes.

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    For over 20 years OPUS21 has taken a partnership approach with our clients. Utility billing can be a time consuming, repetitive task. Your staff could be spending hours each week on bill calculation, printing, mailing, customer service calls, payment processing, and service orders, let us help!


    Incorporating technology and over 20 years of experience working with utilities of all sizes we’ve taken those processes and made them as efficient as possible allowing us to take as much, or as little, as you’d like off your plate, while potentially reducing your costs. Transitioning the day to day workload of utility billing to us allows you to reallocate your resources where you really need them.

    Our Most Popular Services

    Utility Billing CIS

    We host and manage your customer information system including charge calculation and exception processing. Your data is secure and easily accessible 24/7 with just an internet connection.

    Bill Print & E-Billing

    Metered, tiered, and flat rate bill presentment can be customized for your utility services. Your customers can choose how they want to receive their utility statements.

    Customer Portal

    Provide customers with online access to their own accounts. Customers can view their bills, review consumption, and pay online on our secure portal. Account data is updated in real time.

    Customer Support

    Skilled call center representatives can answer questions, take payments, process written customer requests, and generate service orders based on your business practices.

    Payment Processing

    We can integrate with your payment processor or you can utilize our strategic partner to implement up to 8 payment options for your customers including online, via text, and local kiosks.

    OPUS21 is Proven

    We currently serve over 180 utility sites throughout the United States with water, sewer, storm water, street lights, trash & recycling, natural gas, and electric billing services. OPUS21 CIS manages complex rates, billing, and service request transactions while allowing real-time interactions with customers.


    Our clients choose OPUS21 because we are utility billing experts. When you partner with us, you gain not only our technology, but you also take advantage of our proven processes. Our cloud based software integrates with your existing hardware and our proprietary DARTS program provides a seamless conversion of your existing data. We become an extension of your business office. We understand the science in utility billing and the art of customer service.

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    We work directly with utilities to create a customized service package that fits their needs

    Convert Your Data

    We use a proprietary program called DARTS that cleanly takes your data and loads it into our CIS


    Utilize our CIS to simplify your utility billing and give your staff THE POWER TO DO MORE!


    Bringing the simplicity of utility billing by enhancing how you do business with THE POWER TO DO MORETM

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