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    We have been providing utility billing and business management solutions for over 20 years. Our single point solution is an all-in-one source for utility billing support.
    Water Billing
    Sewer Billing
    Storm Water Billing
    Street Light Billing
    Trash & Recycling Billing
    Gas & Electric Billing

    All You Need is the Internet

    Our cloud-based utility billing software offers your staff and customers the convenience of 24/7 real-time information. Balances and payment information are updated instantly.

    Since our utility billing software is hosted online, utilities do not need to purchase any additional hardware or have your IT department spend hours installing new applications. Just log on to your online CIS from any device and have all your data at the tip of your fingers.

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    Choose Your Utility Billing Solution

    Decide between a customized or fully outsourced solution

    Shared Services

    Create a customized program to ease your specific pain points. Want to keep customer service in house but outsource utility bill printing and mailing? Do you need help training your staff and creating financial reports? Pay only for the services you need.

    Managed Services

    Ideal for smaller towns and municipalities who want to completely outsource their utility billing. We will manage everything from bill creation to cash in the bank and provide you with financial reports each month. All you need to do is send us your meter readings.

    Service Offerings

    We offer a wide array of utility billing services for managing customer relationships from meter reads to cash in the bank. More than just software, we bring simplicity to your utility billing department giving you THE POWER TO DO MORE™.

    Utility Billing CIS

    Bill Print & E-Billing

    Payment Processing

    Inbound/Outbound Call Center

    Business Support

    Training and Skills Development

    Features & Benefits

    Cloud Based

    No hardware or software to purchase, simply login to our portal online.

    Seamless Transition

    Our DARTS system takes your data and loads it into OPUS21 Utility Billing. We work with you to ensure that your data is clean.

    Utility Billing Experts

    Our call center is comprised of a U.S. based customer service team. Our reps are trained to expertly respond to your customers' questions.

    Real Time Data

    Customer accounts are updated in real time, run reports anytime.

    Customized Billing

    Combine metered and flat rate services, graph consumption history, share news and notices, simplex or duplex printing, e-billing and more.

    Easy Customer Portal

    Customers can easily access their account from their computer, tablet, or cell phone and may have up to 8 different payment options.

    Partnership Approach

    No high pressure sales tactics, we build long lasting partnerships.

    Transparent Pricing

    Pay only for the services you need. No hidden fees or costly renewals, our initial agreement includes upgrades and support.

    Continued Support

    New hire training and continuing education webinars are available upon request. Our team is always here to ensure your success!

    Let’s chat about a partnership that gives you THE POWER TO DO MORE™!