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    Why do utilities choose OPUS21?

    For over 20 years OPUS21 has been perfecting how we approach utility billing and business management. When you choose to outsource your utility billing to OPUS21 you gain not only our technology, but our experience and our proven processes.

    What’s the benefit of outsourcing my utility billing?

    Outsourcing a time intensive function like utility billing allows you to reallocate your staff to other projects. We focus solely on utility billing, so our processes and efficiencies can potentially reduce your total operational costs without sacrificing service.

    Do we need any special licensing or software?

    OPUS21 is a cloud-based software, so if you have a computer or tablet, with Internet connection, you can access your data in the office or in the field. There is no need to purchase licenses for each user or any additional software.

    What types of utilities do you service?

    OPUS21 handles utility billing for water, sewer, storm water, street lights, trash, electric, recycling, and natural gas for cities, counties, towns, and municipalities.

    What payment options do you offer for your customers to pay their utility bills?

    OPUS21, through our strategic partner, offers 8 different payment channels including Pay by Phone, Customer Web Portal, and via Text Message. We are processor neutral, if you are happy with your current provider, there is no need to change!

    Can we migrate off our current software directly to your cloud CIS?

    With over 150 conversions, OPUS21 utilizes a proprietary program called DARTS that cleanly takes your data and loads it into OPUS21 Utility Billing. We do the work with you!

    Is my customer data secure?

    Yes, security and availability are core components to our hosted products and services. OPUS21 utilizes the latest in intrusion prevention, endpoint protection and application aware backup technologies.

    Can I customize my bill presentment?

    Absolutely! With OPUS21 you can customize your bill presentment, insert newsletters and notices, and offer your customers convenient online or paperless billing options. Our customer service team can even handle your customers’ written requests.

    Will I need to change my payment processor or meter reader?

    No, we will integrate with your existing meter reading devices, payment processor, and any additional hardware.

    Is your call center overseas?

    Our call center is comprised of a U.S. based customer service team. Based in St Paul MN, Our reps are trained to expertly respond to your customers’ questions. Our agents understand rates, meters, and have access to account history.

    We are currently getting bulk rate postage, will we pay more for postage?

    We do not charge you anything additional to process your billing; postage is a pass-through cost. Our permitted postage is lower priced than you’d pay to use a stamp.

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