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    We're more than a software company, our utility billing services encompass everything from meter reads to cash in the bank.

    Cloud-based Utility Billing CIS

    The cloud-based CIS is at the core of our shared services suite. The CIS serves as a hub for all other modules integrated into this single point solution.


    Our partnership approach allows utilities to select which services they’d like us to manage and which services they’d like to maintain in-house. Either way, we do business how you do business; you control the governance and execution.

    Bill Print & E-Billing

    If you’re buried in paper, we can help! Up to 50% of the billing process can be spent on charge calc and exceptions. Our team will create your utility bills based on your business rules.


    You can customize your bill presentment with OPUS21. Combine metered and flat rate services, graph consumption history, share news and notices, or choose between simplex or duplex printing.

    Live Customer Service

    We believe that if you’re going to outsource your business processes you should receive a superior outcome. If we can provide a better utility billing experience for your customers at a lower cost to your bottom line, then you’ll be a partner for life.


    Our customer service team is located in Woodbury, MN and is not a generic call center. These reps focus solely on utility billing, and can process payments and exceptions in real time according to your preset business rules.

    Online Account Management

    Let’s face it, no one enjoys paying bills. But with our easy to use online portal the process is painless for your customers. Customers can view their bills, review consumption, and pay on their computer, tablet, or smartphone – any device with an internet connection!


    Our cloud-based utility billing CIS offers your staff and customers the convenience of 24/7 real time information. Balances and payment information are updated instantly. The online portal is customized to you. We utilize your business rules and practices so the customer has a seamless experience.


    Payment Processing

    You can choose to continue using your existing payment processor or utilize our strategic partner to unlock up to 8 payment options.


    Of course, we can still accept checks at our lockbox. But for the customer who wants to pay online, via text, auto-pay, or by phone, we can offer on-time, recurring or scheduled utility payment options.

    Training & Skills Development

    Everything OPUS21 does is designed to improve your relationship with your customers. It’s people who provide the difference to increase customer satisfaction. Strong business results are tied to the quality of the human asset.


    For over 20 years we’ve been perfecting our utility billing processes. Our utility billing experts can help simplify your processes and train your staff to ensure a great customer experience.


    If you’re looking to simplify your utility billing, we can help! Schedule a free demo today to learn more.